The basis for growth

Our vision for growth is based on sustainability. And for us, sustainability goes beyond producing certified coffee, to encompass the various elements of People, Planet and Profit throughout the entire chain. Together with our partners.

Onze passie voor uw koffie

Founders of a special
coffee certification programme

UTZ, pronounced “ootz”, means ‘good’ in one of the Mayan languages of Guatemala. With coffee producers, Ahold Coffee Company has developed the UTZ Certified programme. UTZ Certified is an independent sustainability programme that ensures compliance with social standards, environmental aspects and food safety. UTZ Certified focuses on education, better living conditions, better farming methods and a better environment. In short, a better future. For more information on the UTZ Certified Foundation visit:


Buying directly from the plantation

Ahold Coffee Company builds lasting relationships with coffee farmers. Rather than some anonymous supplier, our coffee farmers are our partners in a long-term collaboration.


Concern for people and nature

UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming geared to better conditions for farmers, their families and our planet. The UTZ programme means farmers learn improved farming methods, enjoy better working conditions, and can take better care of their children and the environment. UTZ thereby makes a large-scale positive contribution to farmers’ incomes through improved harvests, better care of the environment and safeguarding our planet’s natural resources. Now and in the future. And that makes the coffee taste just that little bit better.


And in shipping,
roasting and packaging

Sustainability affects our whole business. Not only in the countries of origin, but through the entire supply chain, and during roasting and packaging. Ahold Coffee Company has already achieved a lot in this area, including less packaging materials, reduced energy consumption, specific training for staff and changes to working conditions.


People, Planet... and Profit!

Sustainability is more than a certificate. It means a competitive, profitable business and an enduring relationship with our customers. Accepting our responsibility for all stakeholders: customers, consumers, suppliers, the local community and employees. Behaving responsibly in every aspect of our operations. Behaving responsibly to validate our role over the long-term in the coffee industry chain.

The origin of a packet of coffee

Want to know where our coffee comes from? You can find out the origin of each and every packet of coffee. So everyone knows for sure that their coffee has been bought from producers who make their coffee in a responsible way, following the UTZ Certified guidelines.


Our certifications

All products we supply are sustainable. As well as UTZ Certified, we also offer Fairtrade and Organic coffee.

UTZ Fairtrade Organic agriculture

Sustainability, a sum of initiatives

Sustainability effects our entire business: coffee, packaging, factory and people. We have already done a lot but we want to take even greater big and small steps. Read more about it in our brochure.

Sustainability Report