Our passion for your coffee

We work with passion and dedication towards the sustainable success of our customers through their own-brand coffee. We believe that the cornerstones of this success are consumer loyalty, market share, profitability and sustainable business.

Onze passie voor uw koffie

Your success

We strive to make a strategic contribution through our coffee to the success of our customers. Providing tailored solutions and advice, always based on the latest insights into the category and target groups. As founder of UTZ Certified, we only produce sustainable coffee. Our main product segments are roasted and ground coffee, coffee pods and whole beans.

Ahold koffiemerken

A sustainable relationship

Ahold Coffee Company is the coffee roaster of Ahold. But we also produce own-brand coffee for other retailers and wholesalers in Europe. We work hard to be a loyal partner focused on a long-term collaboration. And we believe passionately in the qualities of transparency and trust.

Twee medewerkers overleggen

Advice for success

Our knowledge of the entire chain means we understand exactly what’s important to our partners and their clients. Continuous research gives us access to the latest information. Information we use to advise our partners on every aspect relevant to the success of both their own-brand coffee and their entire coffee category.

Medewerkers geven advies in de winkel

Consistent quality

Producing the right quality is the basis for success. But ensuring that quality day in, day out is equally important. Ahold Coffee Company monitors quality throughout the entire production process, from the green coffee to your final product. Together with our experienced cupping team and our customers, we are continuously monitoring the quality of our coffee to ensure each and every cup meets the very highest expectations.

Koffieproevers aan het werk

Investing in innovation

Innovation and continuous improvement are vital for building a strong position together with our customers. We are continually investing in order to meet the ever-evolving needs of consumers.

A good example of this innovation is the development and introduction of ‘UTZ Certified’ in collaboration with coffee farmers. It is now one of the world's most successful sustainability programmes, with full traceability from plantation to coffee cup. And immediately following the launch of coffee pods, we introduced own-brand coffee pods. The next innovation? Well whatever it is, it’s on its way!