From coffee cherry to coffee cup

Our passion for coffee extends from the coffee plantations right through to your cup of coffee. Each step in the process receives the loving care and attention it deserves. Discover how we ensure the quality of our coffee at each step.

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Selected coffee plantations

Our green coffee comes directly from plantations that have been selected carefully. We work hard to develop a lasting relationship with our partners, with a focus on quality, continuity, and operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. It means we have a sound basis for our products and can tell our customers exactly where our coffee comes from.

Every bean is unique

Various factors determine the quality of a bean. To begin with, there are several species of bean, Arabica and Robusta being the most well-known. Other factors that play a role include climate, altitude, and the upkeep of the plantation and crop. Our extensive experience means we always buy exactly the right coffees for our products.


Most coffee cherries are picked by hand, which means the farmer only harvests cherries when they are ripe. Immediately after harvesting, the beans are removed from the cherry, washed and dried. A delicate process crucial to the coffee’s quality.


The art of blending

Our blenders are true craftsmen with years of experience. They know the different characteristics of each of the various green coffees like no one else, and how to create a well-balanced blend. Every day they work with painstaking attention to detail to ensure they consistently achieve the required flavour. Year in, year out.

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Roasting to the right colour

The blend and roast together determine the taste of the coffee. Our roasters carry out their work with passion, an essential ingredient because roasting is an art that calls for extreme precision. This is where knowledge of green coffee, the correct amount of warm air and the perfect roasting time all come together to determine the colour of the roast. Each batch of roasted coffee is then checked to ensure it has exactly the right roast colour.

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The grinding of the coffee

The method used to prepare the coffee to a large extent determines whether we grind it, and if so, how fine the grind should be. Getting the right coarseness is important for the perfect coffee extraction. We have various types of grinders, so we can achieve the required result. Throughout this stage of the process, too, we continuously take samples to monitor quality.


Protecting the aroma

The flavour and aroma of freshly roasted coffee is sensitive to contact with air. So we package the coffee as soon as possible after roasting. For this we use a variety of different technologies to provide optimal long-lasting protection for the coffee. And that’s something you really taste!


Quality assurance

Our quality is continuously and closely monitored, from the green coffee right through to delivery of our products. And our factory is certified according to the latest BRC standards.

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